An aluminum alloy formulated and tempered specifically for high performance mechanical properties. 6061 Defines the chemical composition of the Aluminum alloy. In this case magnesium and silicon are key elements that give 6061 its sound mechanical properties. With better weldability, ductility, and strength than many other aluminum alloy's. "T6" Designates the tempering process. This further refines the properties of the metal to make for an extremely lightweight yet strong material. 6061-T6 Aluminum is one of the most common alloys used in applications requiring high performance in strength-to-weight ratios.


The place where the adventure begins. This is where you rest ahead of or after your adventure whilst also stocking up on supplies. The term ‘basecamp’ appears to have its origin in the mid to late 1800s when alpinism was in its golden age.


CNC Machining allows us to fabricated advanced parts from a single piece of aluminum. This allows for very high levels of machining accuracy as well as superior part strength and aesthetics.


Hardcoat Anodizing, type III anodizing, is a more robust form of anodizing aluminum, providing a harder, more resilient finish. While Standard anodizing provides some protection to the surface, and vibrant color options, Hardcoat anodizing is many times more resistant to the effects of impact and abrasion. Similar to standard anodizing, or Type II, Hardcoat Anodizing involves submerging the part in a sulfuric acid solution for a specific amount of time to provide a coating on the surface of the aluminum. In Hardcoat Anodizing, Clear(which results in a grey color) or Black Dye can be applied to alter the appearance of the solution. Colors are not available in this process.